Policies & Procedures

Module 1 Mediation and Arbitration Agreements
Unit 1 Mediation and Arbitration Agreement Document  
Unit 2 Mediation and Arbitration Acknowledgement QUIZ  
Module 2 Employee Manual (Un-Edited)
Unit 1 Beeline Tours Employee Manual  
Unit 2 Employee Manual (UN-EDITED)  
Module 3 Policies and Procedures
Unit 1 Welcome Aboard!  
Unit 2 Code of Conduct  
Unit 3 Code of Conduct Confirmation QUIZ  
Unit 4 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy  
Unit 5 Drug and Alcohol Policy QUIZ  
Unit 6 Hours of Service Policy  
Unit 7 Hours of Service Policy Acknowledgement  
Unit 8 Professional Image Policy  
Unit 9 Professional Image Confirmation QUIZ  
Unit 10 Training Cost Policy  
Unit 11 Training Cost Policy QUIZ  
Unit 12 Smoke Free Workplace Policy  
Unit 13 Smoke Free Workplace QUIZ  
Module 4 Sexual Harassment
Unit 1 Sexual Harassment Video  
Unit 2 Sexual Harassment Policy Manual  
Unit 3 Sexual Harassment Policy QUIZ and Affirmation  
Module 5 Fire and Earthquake Plans
Unit 1 Fire Evacuation Plan