Monthly Refresher

Monthly refresher

Module 3 2020 Q1 TSS
Unit 1 Air Supply System Checks
Unit 2 Study: Pothole damage costs drivers $3 billion per year
Unit 3 What is A.I.D.E.?
Unit 4 What Qualifies as an "EMERGENCY" for Hours of Service
Unit 5 Overhead Branches and Strikes
Unit 6 Turns Turn Turn
Module 4 2020 Q2 TSS
Unit 1 Establishing & Maintaining Safe Following Distances
Unit 2 G.O A.L
Unit 3 Entering The Highway & Establishing Lane Position
Unit 4 Navigating Work Zones & Toll Plazas
Unit 5 Tips on Making Turns
Unit 6 Slips and Falls
Unit 7 Theft and Weaponization of Vehicles
Module 5 2020 Q3 TSS
Unit 1 Bus_ Intersections
Unit 2 Bus_ Traffic Lights
Unit 3 Bus_ Pedestrians & Bicyclists
Unit 4 Bus_ Erratic Drivers & Overhead Clearances
Unit 5 Bus_ Emergency Vehicles & Railroad Crossings
Unit 6 Bus_ Backing
Unit 7 Bus_ Left Hand Turns
Module 6 2020 Q4 TSS
Unit 1 Bus_ Right Hand Turns
Unit 2 LANCER INSURANCE-Avoiding Dangerously Loaded Vehicles, Traffic Packs & Exiting The Highway
Unit 3 LANCER INSURANCE-Stopping On Or Passing Emergency Vehicles On Highway’s Shoulder
Unit 4 LANCER INSURANCE-Protecting your CDL privilege
Unit 5 LANCER INSURANCE-Driving Position Affects Vehicle Control
Unit 6 LANCER INSURANCE-Winter Driving Mistakes Can Be Costly
Unit 7 LANCER INSURANCE-How To Reduce Boarding and Alighting Hazards