Admin Toolbox

Module 1 Human Resources
Unit 1 Applicant-Employee Contact or Request for Information
Unit 2 User Registration
Unit 3 Employment Offer Letter
Unit 4 Incidents, Collisions, Compliments and Complaints (ICCC or "ICK")
Unit 5 PAN (Personnel Action Notice)
Module 2 Simple Tools
Unit 1 Bulk send SMS/Email
Unit 2 Quick Fax
Module 3 Sales and Marketing
Unit 1 ADA Advanced Request for Accessible Travel
Module 4 Qualification and Compliance
Unit 1 Drive Test Form
Unit 2 Lancer Insurance Tool
Unit 3 US Healthworks Tool
Unit 4 CFR Previous employer request or provide information
Unit 5 Compliance Audit Tool
Module 5 Admin Forms and Tools
Unit 1 Per Diem Request FROM ADMIN
Module 6 TSS Admin Training
Unit 1 FMCSA Electronic Signature and Record Keeping Information
Unit 2 TSS Operators Manual
Unit 3 Self Audit Tools